Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Glad that "you" don't know her

As you can see..
"you" can be nickname for a person or group of
certain people..for me..
good thing also they didn't know
that this blog exist...

the her that i am referring to
well.. I really admire her..
she has the looks, the brains, a cool attitude and personality
for short your dream friend, daughter, or friend.
in my eyes she is that way..

I am really thankful that the "you"
doesn't know her.. ehheeh
i am kinda tired you know..
of being compared to.. good thing
i was already used to it though i
don't have a good feeling about it.. and
kinda irritated to it..

You can say i kinda grew up to
being compared to other person..and i was
always being on the wrong side of it..
for every mistake i did..

maybe that was the reason why
i have some kind of inferiority complex..
yep.. believe it or not i have..
and also because "you" wants me on top

maybe that also the reason i don't
have low voice or i am shouting..
because that was my old environment...

maybe i am selfish because..
i wasn't taught to be selfless..
altough i think much selflessness is selfishness..

maybe the reason why i am so talkative..
is for that i seek attention? or just because
i was born like that?? hehe for me i would choose the
second one...

and maybe i have learned to answer
you when you're going to "blah blah mode"
is that maybe i am so tired of being able
to listen to you and you don't even try
to listen to me...

but on the other hand.. it was my fault..
sorry self.. i am so stupid that i didn't know
that i was influenced too much.. sorry self
for my all time idiocy for my clumsiness..
and sorry self for not being the person
whom they and the "you" want to be...

i was a child back then..
yeah my fault..i don't study too much back then

good thing i don't have in my mind
that this blog exist because "you"
would say that this is 'kaartehan' or
just one of products of my foolishness...

Sorry for the words.. kinda angst isn't it?
and i was off topic.. and i am going ewww
now i read it ugh! this not kinda me
to be all carried away and be down like this..

anyways thanks for reading!
god bless..



hi guys..
sorry if i hadn't updated for such a
very long time..
since it is our vacation..

well.. hmm
i was carried away.. literally..
by playing gunbound and as well as
reading mangas, fanfics, listening to music
and watching vids...

ehhe also i am also at our store
every afternoon.. so kinda hard to
find time for writing.. since i don't master time management..

And you know what!
yay my lil cousin is here.. i owe you guys another apology
since i didn't post it.. well he was born last
January 26 ehhe you know.. he was the first
baby i really can say cute.. i wonder why that is...

To all II-Franklin sorry.. if you guys read here
Sorry talaga.. hinde na ako ngyym pero try ko
pasensya n rin kung wala na akong contact sa inyo..

Well happy vacation!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Yep.. I have changed my banner...
I have spent an hour and a half doing this..
a tsubasa banner...

really it is fun to do...
and my other banner as well (the first one)
oh.. before i forgot.. my first banner is posted below..

by dark_innocence

Friday, March 28, 2008

Money talks..

One of the most irritating time!
allowance giving this year is really a pain!

subtracting an amount in which it was stated that

what the??
where did you hear that VOLUNTARY is the same as COMPULSARY??
it is redundant... very and absurd

actually, you ask me..
they don't have any freaking right to have it that way!!
It is our MONEY not theirs..

if you will instruct something..
then have it clear..
if you say voluntary then voluntary
and compulsary if compulsary....

since we ARE JUST students we have no right to oppose...

Back to normal..

It is really great..
That the friend whom I have known is back!

Just as I thought..
you just need space and time..
You are now the real you!

You are now not the person I am telling in Turning back..
I am glad.. really..

YEHEY!!! cheers!

Nothing to do..

After 1 week of all of the hardships..
After 1 week of all of the exams...
After 1 week of enduring knowing our scores..

PHEW!!We have nothing to do..
Hey! Yeah right for me in the first day after exams..

but for the next days.. I say we really do something
our class did something productive..
helping for a special occassion- i'll say what is that occassion soon-...

aside from that..
if we don't help to the preparations
of that special occassion, we play scrabble-very fun..

the scrabble eheh I can still remember..
bringing up childish fights for a game.
just becuse of having scores up and down..
and the loser has a consequence..

after that we play squabble..-using the tiles from scrabble-
we are SO noisy playing that.. so busy looking for words to appear...
you know what we tried to have the minimum letter of 6
guess what!!! i had a nosebleed...
all of us actually.. but too quiet for us because of thinking..
the loser has a consequence as well..
consider it as one of my fav parts..

then a memory game..-again use of tiles form scrabble-
too quiet..but nice one..
i am not so good at a memory game specially scrambled ones..
nice for me loser no consequences.. YEHEY!!!

of course my most fav..
playing the word factory...
such fun a game.. two thumbs up..
even our adviser played! that's the time when i have just learned how to really score in this game..
super and very brain twisting..
try this game.. it is somewhat addictive..

forgot to mention..
I brought my Tsubasa that time..
hahaah because of me they are addicted to it also!!

lots of games... but still nothing to do
meant boredom is there so
we do is lay down and chit-chat or sleep...

one realization as well..
you know.. you can do many things with tiles of scrabble..
very creative really..!!thanks for reading

by dark_innocence


I know this is a late update for me...
It has been 2 weeks at least when it happened...

The last batch of the brain twisters exams..
It really is hard that NAT ---it is shocking..

But luckily I have passed at the least....
Not bad ne??

And also lucky for me to pass the 4th quarter exams..
which is i can say really really many times harder than NAT..

Bad for me... on the other hand
the NAT ate up 30% of my periodical grade!!
Nevermind of it.. for as long as it is a passing score!

Guyz.. you too I hope you pass to you exams

by dark_innocence